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Youth Elixir
Exquisite Stem Cell Based Skin Care Products

These new product formulations are being carefully refined and customized by Terri Lawton herself in order to bring out the very best restorative qualities and anti-aging benefits for your skin through the use of powerful stem cell technology.

All Youth Elixir products are natural based using natural botanical extracts and are free of all parabens, petroleum derivatives, sulfates, formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances and colors. These products are lightly scented with a blend of natural essential oils.

Youth Elixir – Stem Facial Serum

This breakthrough skincare product is truly anti-aging and combines the latest in stem cell technology with superior-quality amino acids, peptides and proteins perfectly balanced to assist in reversing the effects of aging and trauma to the skin. This advanced serum actively promotes skin renewal and new skin cell growth restoring a more youthful and radiant appearance.

• Rapidly improves skin elasticity and thickness.
• Enhances skin collagen growth, skin softness and overall skin tone.
• Contains the most powerful combination of anti-oxidants, skin and collagen-building
peptides and the best skin moisture retainers available.

Youth Elixir – Stem Crème

A perfect companion product with Youth Elixir TM Stem Facial Serum, this luxurious crème brings together a proprietary blend of natural source ingredients that deliver a more youthful appearance through stimulation of fresh new skin growth, wrinkle improvement and prevention, enhanced collagen production and elasticity for firmer skin with increased moisturization and hydration for the radiant glow of healthy skin.

• Removes older skin layers and creates even skin tone.
• Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-acne treatment.
• Special carrier system delivers the power of vital nutrients deep into the tissues.
• Patented anti-aging formulation visibly reduces wrinkles and restores aging skin.
• Firms and moisturizes, reduces puffiness and bloating, enhances skin protection
and nutrition, smoothes expression lines.
• Improves skin moisturization, the appearance of spots, uneven skin tones
and the loss of elasticity.

Youth Elixir – Ultra Rich Stem Eye Cream

Can be used alone or in combination with Youth Elixir TM Stem Crème and Stem Facial Serum to maximize the total anti-aging impact, this stem cell-powered complex combines the latest advances in skin science with all-natural emollients, preservatives and herbs to provide a luxurious, smooth, silky eye treatment for wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

• Helps reduce the visible signs of aging in the sensitive skin areas around the eyes.
• Assists new skin cell growth and collagen production providing a more youthful appearance.
• Contains a revolutionary nanotype delivery system for vitamins and nutrients
allowing them to penetrate deeper into the skin.



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anti-aging and stress treatments as well as several organic and herbal masks and peels. Terri Lawton is a renowned Los Angeles facialist, and continues to provide
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